Company Efteria is a battery specialist which was founded in year 2003, and this is a story about replacement of Pb batteries with our LiFePO4 cells Winston for one of their projects.

Automated Guided Vehicles by the words of Li-Technician Mr. Vondrák:

"The project was about to replace standard Pb batteries with LiFePO4 cells in warehouse AGV vehicles."

"Originally, they were assembled with a three 12V120Ah Pb batteries and your LiFePO4 cells surpassed every expectation."
"Main intention for upgrade was, simply, to be able work longer and charge faster!"

"We also developed BMS system which collects data from each cell and sending them to server, where is charge-plan automaticaly managed."

„Upgraded AGVs can go three shifts without charging, charge 60A(1C) and deliver higher power to motors than previous lead acid or a gel types."

"For that reasons we choose technology LiFePO4, which is tested, reliable, safety, available and long-time tested“

WB-LYP60AHA LiFeYPO4 (3.2V/60Ah)

High power lithium cell, original Winston Battery product with LiFePO4 (LiFeYPO4) technology. Capacity: 60Ah, size: 203x114x61 mm, weight: 2.3 kg

Original ThunderSky Winston part number: WB-LYP60AHA
Recommended initial and subsequent charging is to 3.65 V.
The minimum voltage is 2.5 V.
Maximum discharge current is 3C continously.
Operating temperature -45°C up to 85°C (discharging)
Energy density is 78.3 Wh/kg

Complete datasheet
LiFePO4 60ah winston

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