Bank details for International Wire transfers

Our details

GWL a.s.
Průmyslová 11, Prague 10, Czech Republic
EU VAT ID: CZ27651851
Account name
GWL a.s.

Bank address
Raiffeisenbank, Hvězdova 1716/2b, 14078 Prague 4
Czech Republic (EU)

RZBCCZPP (or RZBCCZPPXXX if 11 characters needed)


Intermediate bank's address
Raiffeisen Bank International AG, Wien, Austria

Intermediate bank‘s SWIFT/BIC

Payment terms EURO currency

If your country is in EU please use payment type SHA/SEPA.
If your country is not in EU please use payment type OUR.

Payment terms USD currency

We require all international transfers to our account
to be made with the OUR disposition.

Payment terms CZK currency

Pro platbu v CZK použijte, prosím, číslo účtu 2596497060/5500 a jako variabilní symbol použijte číslo Vaší objednávky.

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