Cell Balancing Module (3.60V- 1.7A)

Cell Balancing Module (3.60V- 1.7A)
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Art.#: CBM1
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Balancing Circuit module for LiFePO4 cells - voltage 3.60V.
Controlled resistance balancing module for limiting overcharge LiFePO4 cell (3.2V).

Operating parameters:
Border Balancing voltage: 3.60 V (+ / - 0.05V) [Detection Voltage]
Balance voltage release: 3.50 V (+ / - 0.05V) [Release Voltage]
Maximum voltage: <5 V [maximal voltage]
Balancing Current: 0 ~ 1.7A
Power consumption: <20 mikroA
Operating temperature: -40 to +125 °C
Temperature of the resistors to 85 °C

Tip: To get more power balancing, they can involved in parallel connection.
Weight (kg) 0,02
Height (mm) 8
Width (mm) 55
Depth (mm) 55
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icon Cell Balancing Module (3.60V- 1.7A) Balancing Circuit module for LiFePO4 cells - voltage 3.60V. 4.16$
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