ELERIX Cell Performance Monitor

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ELERIX Cell Performance Monitor

The key features

  • When exceeding the user-adjustable minimum or maximum of any cell, CPM module closes or opens the output contacts for the relay coils.
  • It brings the lowest and highest cell voltages of the cells in pack to separate outputs (for monitoring measurements or for connection of the LED display or the communication module).
  • The multi-colour LEDs indicate the highest and lowest voltage cells and the operating status of the module.
  • It has very low power consumption and a built-in function of battery emergency disconnection from the powered system, including self-disconnection and shutdown.
  • It is part of the GWL/Modular series, i.e., it is an open-source solution that is and will be compatible with the related GWL products and with other commonly available components.
  • The quality of the design, versatility and technical support options make it suitable for industrial applications and sophisticated home installation solutions.

Video explanation

Benefits and reasons to use CPM explained in short video

How do you benefit by using CPM, how it works and what advantages it gives to your battery?
Find the answer the video along with brief look on why is protective electronic essential for any Lithium battery and how it does extend the lifetime.
Shortly, we will bring you also more detailed video on the CPM assembly and installation examples. Stay tuned!
CPM description

Application possibilities

  • For a battery with 4 to 16 LiFePO4 or 5 to 16 LTO cells (any number in this range).
  • To control a bi-stable (dual coil) relay with a coil of full battery control voltage (or lower) by a pulse of 150 ms. One bi-stable relay can disconnect the charger, the second load, and the third (emergency) is a back-up in case the main relays fail to open.
  • For controlling conventional single-coil NO/NC relays with a coil’s voltage of full battery voltage. Two can be used to disconnect and connect the charger, load, or as an information to a additional system, such as a charger, converter or communications module. The third relay is back-up (emergency).
  • For various display and communications modules, such as a digital voltmeter, Arduino and Raspberry microcomputers, LAN Controller by Tinycontrol, Siemens LOGO PLCs, Schneider Zelio PLC module, Eaton Easy PLC, TECO Foxtrott PLC, etc.
  • For many other modules and devices which CPM can forward the necessary voltage information. Additional custom functions and algorithms can be programmed.

Cable Management Solution with CPM and Batteries

Description of the main part of the board

  • INPUTS - inputs terminal for connecting 16 pcs battery cells
  • BUTTONS - press more then 2 second for ON or OFF
  • SIGNAL LEDS - signal leds show which cell has nimumum and maximum voltage
  • VOLTAGE SELECTORS - with this trimmers it is possible to set Umax and Umin
  • OUTPUTS - using outputs terminals it is possible to control other devices and power relays.

Basic connection of inputs and outputs

  • BATTERY – Connect the battery to GND and CELLS inputs 1–16. GND is always negative (-) of the entire battery. Connect the positive (+) poles of each battery cell to inputs 1–16 in the electrical order from GND as they are connected in series.
  • Ucells – Connect digital voltmeters (not analogue with pointers), bargraphs, or use for communication with a connected device. Use only the high impedance load and follow the principles of safe connection to the connected systems described in the ‘Installation procedure and safe wiring principles’ section.
  • Umin – Use to open the load relay or for optical and sound indication of low battery cell voltage or to communicate with the connected system.
  • Umax – Use to open the charger relay or for optical and sound indication of high battery cell voltage or to communicate with the connected system.
  • Emergency 1, 2, 3 – Use for emergency battery disconnection.
  • Emergency 4–9 – Use to control the module by pulse switching (> 300ms, start, stop, reset). If inputs 4 + 5 are permanently connected, the module does not respond to commands via outputs 6, 7 and 8, 9.

  • CPM installation examples

    Example of installation for ELERIX battery holder

    BMS123 connection diagram

    Example of installation for ELERIX Battery storage

    BMS123 connection diagram


    FAQ The complet datasheet with technical specification can be found in Documets for download.

Power supply (V) 12-48
Weight (kg) 0.24
LED yes
Lenght (mm) 170
Height (mm) 23
Width (mm) 100
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