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GWL/Modular CPM – Fully Public Project

From the very beginning thewas designed as a fully public project. All source documentation, the board schematics, the listing of all components, the source codes, etc.– all are available as public domain – free of charge.

Now, you can rese

03.Jan 2022
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TBS Remote Battery Switch DCM-RBS-12-500

The DC Modular Remote Battery Switch (RBS) is a bidirectional solid-state relay with very low power consumption when turned on. This will ensure that it can operate for a very long time, even if the battery is almost empty. A second benefit is that it can switch bidirectional currents. This means th

03.Jan 2022
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AMETEK - high current DC latching contactors

GWL has introduced thehigh current rated DC latching contactors for 400A, 600A and 1200A rating.

Check more details here -

See the installation diagrams for the application withand.

22.Nov 2021
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Safety First – Fusing and Disconnection

The most important part of any DC installation isthe proper handling of the circuit protection and the arrangement for the disconnection of the loadfrom the battery.

In order to make a safety disconnection of the DC circuit a proper fusing need to be used in any part of the circuit. GWL p

15.Nov 2021
| Blog - Battery Monitoring

Ametek Latching Contactor + BMS + CPM

How to use with or ?

Our tech department preparedfor you a nice and simple schema:

You can preview the images or download the PDFs here: &

05.Nov 2021
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The Basic Protection of the Battery Cells

1) Battery monitoring

The CPM1 serves as the battery monitoring device.

2) Flexible connection to each cell in the battery

The cells can be disconnected completely and easily. In this example the disconnection is done by means of the Battery link cable

07.Jul 2021
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Overview of the Cell Balancing Modules

Balancing Circuit module for LiFePO4 cells - voltage 3.60V.

The innovated CBM1 module with a screw connection and cables for an easier mounting and installation. No need to solder any more.

Balancing board for 1~4 cells LFP (1.2 Amp)

New cell balancing board for 4S cells. An easy connection wit

17.May 2021
| Blog - Battery Monitoring

GWL/Modular DC Battery Meters

Need to check the voltage, current and capacity (Ah) of your battery? These meters will be of great help to you.

Check the.

12.May 2021
| Blog - Battery Monitoring

BC16 - LiFePo4 Battery Monitor/Energy Meter + Shunt 350A,...

to display the status of lithium batteries and packs (also known as coulomb-meter).

Applications This product is suitable for lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, lead-acid batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries which voltage is from

12.May 2021
| Blog - Battery Monitoring

GWL/Modular 4S Balancing Boards

New product to make the life easier: Balancing board for 1~4 cells LFP (1.2 Amp)

Simple balancing board for 1S to 4S LFP cells. Connection by means of wires. Indication of the balancing by LED diodes. This balancing board can be used to balance LFP cells during the final part of t

03.May 2021
| Blog - Battery Monitoring
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