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ELERIX small size cells - EX-L10, EX-L15, EX-L25

The small size cells are designed for any kind of DC application where you need a smaller capacity.


ELERIX - You Power the Life

02.Jan 2023
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Getting the dimensions of the cells – 3D PDF helps you!

FAQ: I need to get the exact measurements of the cell to design our own battery box. Please send be the drawing.


1) Yes, of cause, the best idea isto get the samples of the cellsto make a small demonstration installation and design the size of your solution based on the real prod

02.Jan 2023
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The ELERIX EX-L12V100R – service connector extension

The photo of the components that allow the expansion (or extension) of the service connector for the.

NOTE: If the servic

04.Nov 2022
| Blog - Elerix

Tips for useful accessories for 12V packs

Check the overview of the useful accessories to make it easier for you to use and.

Ready to go?

01.Nov 2022
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The Magnetic Service Connector - The Making of

These photos show the magnetic service connector for the.

The opposite part of the connector is supplied withthe packing of EX-L12V100R. Optionally you can purchase another connector separately.

To make the servi

01.Nov 2022
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ELERIX EX-S5 Cable for Victron Cerbo GX

To connect the ELERIX EX-S5 with Victron Cerbo GX, there is a need for a special cable.

This cable can be purchased on-line. You can also study the support information and get more details about the CAN connectors pin outs and how to make this cable.

Check more links:

01.Nov 2022
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Quick and Easy - The magnetic 5 pole connector

is designed to be used a service connector for a 5-pin wiring. This means it can be used to transfer 4 signals and one common ground.

For DC application this service connector is purposedto be used for a quick connection to 12V battery banks o

31.Oct 2022
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ELERIX 12V Battery Packs

Check the offer for the

An easy solution for a 12V lead-acid battery replacement.

Check additional accessories:

… more to come

18.Oct 2022
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ELERIX EX-L100EU Lithium Cell - Made in EU

GWL is happy to introduce theELERIX EX-L100EU cell. It is theMade in EUlithium iron phosphate cell.

Unlike some other“dream stage product” and“investor money tunnels”, this LFP cell is ready for order, right now and here.

Long live ELERIX

17.Oct 2022
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TEST REPORT: Low Temperature Performance of the LTO Cells

Check the Test Report for the ELERIX EX-T30K LTO cells that shows the performance of the cells at +25°C and also and -25°C.

This test confirms the excellent energy storage capacity for the LTO cells even in the low temperature conditions.

The results show that even under -25°C the LTO cell pro

11.Oct 2022
| Blog - Elerix
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