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A complete solution from the...

This is the work of the GWL/Team. As a part of, the GWL/Team members create a customized solution to help the customer according to his needs.

In this design schematics, a customer is looking for a solution of an off-grid cottage.

Components used: 4x PV solar panels 165Wp, MPPT Victron 150/45, battery pack

24.Sep 2020
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The Community Garden Project...

GWL/Team is helpingto be fully energy self-sufficient. As a first part of the project, GWL/Team in partnershiphas assisted in the installation ofon the roof of the wooden roofing construction. The next step will be the delivery of the ba

28.Aug 2020
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On-line monitoring for AC 230V

– a simple solution for the online monitoring for any 230V AC applications.

Check the consumption of your house-hold equipment. You can also connect this socket to the AC part of your DC/AC inverter to see the production of the AC energy on t

20.Jul 2020
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Czech Sustainable Houses - the...

The photos of the testing installation of the Czech Sustainable Houses project. The GWL/team has installed the the DC/AC power switch box. The initial testing was performed at GWL’s warehouse.. You may check.

29.Jun 2020
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Czech Sustainable Houses –...

Few more photos of the progress on the first of the Czech Sustainable Houses. The roof timbers are going up and soon the whole raw structure will be accomplished.

In the meantime, we are working on a small Sustainable Garden project. A Sustainable house also needs a sustainable garden. Right?

More to

08.Apr 2020
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Four types of solar...

Are you lost in the terminology of the solar installation types? Read our beginner's guide:

Grid-Tied Also known as “tied to grid”, or “grid-tie” system. This type of installation is aimed to make a profit by generating energy which is directly supplied to the grid. In some con

27.Feb 2020
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Mickey Mouse at GWL/Power...

Some customers are rather exotic. We had a customer who came to our training in the mask of the Mickey Mouse. This is not a fun, this is a reality.

The customer was wearing the Mickey Mouse dress the whole training and was happy to take many photos.

19.Dec 2017
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Internal resistence

The value of the internal resistance

Question:In your promotional materials you mention several times that the internal resistance of the LTO cells is“very low”,“lower than for the LFP cells”, is“only 1 mOhm and less”. However we have tested

03.Nov 2017
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The GridFree inverters for the...

The GridFree inverters for the energy solutions

for energy self-generation.

11.Jun 2017
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Monitoring of more GF-YC500T...


Can I monitor multiple microinverters GF-YC500T connected to different phases by a single ECU monitoring gateway?


Yes, enter the identification codes of all your microinverters placedon the label on the bottom of the microinverter after you willinstalled the ECU monit

26.Apr 2017
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