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GWL/Modular - The World of DC Contactors

GWL has a large selection of theDC contactors. Simply to help you to disconnect your DC power source from the loads.

Make your selection at

All products have been tested and selected by the GWL/Team and applied first hand in many GWL projects as a part of the&n

03.Jan 2022
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Expand the Lifetime of your Battery Pack

The Cell Performance Monitor (ELERIX CPM)is an easy-to-use and effective solution for the protection of the LiFePO4 and LTO batteries from excessive discharge or overcharge.

The CPM project is an Open Source! The source code of ELERIX CPM board is available to download at Github web page.

03.Jan 2022
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Elerix – You Power the Life!

In the universe, everything ages and everything decays. Everything loses energy.

Thanks to Elerix, we’re trying to slow that process down. We’re helping to conserve some of the energy. We’re overcoming the second law of thermodynamics. We offer solutions to extract and save energy.

It is

03.Jan 2022
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The SAND TUB — Get ready for the fire!

In the concept of Greek philosophers, the Fire is one of the basic elements of the Universe. In reality the fire is a result of an accident, or misuse of a product, or a hazardous situation.

In GWL we did not have many accidents resulting in fire. One reason is, that GWL keeps working with the safe

03.Jan 2022
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TBS Remote Battery Switch DCM-RBS-12-500

The DC Modular Remote Battery Switch (RBS) is a bidirectional solid-state relay with very low power consumption when turned on. This will ensure that it can operate for a very long time, even if the battery is almost empty. A second benefit is that it can switch bidirectional currents. This means th

03.Jan 2022
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Follow the GWL Team Projects

GWL Team is publishing the examples of the design drawings and installations for our customer projects. Check thefor the drawings and designs.

21.Dec 2021
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Electric waste by GWL – too little to handle

GWL is also an electric waste collection center. This means any customer (and also the general public) may bring.

During 2021 GWL has collectedabout 700 kg of electric waste. ???? These are mainly batteries that

17.Dec 2021
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Safety First – Fusing and Disconnection

The most important part of any DC installation isthe proper handling of the circuit protection and the arrangement for the disconnection of the loadfrom the battery.

In order to make a safety disconnection of the DC circuit a proper fusing need to be used in any part of the circuit. GWL p

15.Nov 2021
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What is GWL doing to reduce the Scope 1+2+3=4 Emissions?

First check what the Scope 1+2+3=4 Emissions are at the web here

GWL creates, promotes and delivers DC power and energy products that directly reduce the S-3 Emissions.GWL is an energy positive company. At GWL we are doing more than only reducing the emissions — we are creating the anti-emission solu

29.Oct 2021
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More current in wires permitted in US than in Europe

Comparingthe permissible current rating for copper wires, it is evident that the US standard – known as the AWG - American Wire Gauge (or Sizes) – allows for higher currents than the European standards, expressed by the German VDA norm.

For example, a50 mm2 cablecan carry some 

29.Sep 2021
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