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TEST REPORT: Low Temperature Performance of the LTO Cells

Check the Test Report for the ELERIX EX-T30K LTO cells that shows the performance of the cells at +25°C and also and -25°C.

This test confirms the excellent energy storage capacity for the LTO cells even in the low temperature conditions.

The results show that even under -25°C the LTO cell pro

11.Oct 2022
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FAQ:  Testing cells or packs at a customer location

Question:I have a battery pack installed in my EV (in my boat, in my RV, in my house, etc.) I wish to check the condition of this pack to see the real capacity of the cells. Can GWL offer any solution for me? (Perhaps you can come to me for the weekend and make the test. Or you can send m

15.Sep 2022
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FAQ: The performance of the lead-acid cells in cold and...

The winter of 2022-2023 is coming in just a few months and many customers wonder aboutthe performance of their battery packs. Especially those who have been using the lead-acid batteries.

The performance of the lead-acid batteries drops significantly in sub-zero temperatures.The above diagr

23.Aug 2022
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FAQ: Voltage level for the LTO cells

Question:Concerning the LTO cells, I can see that some information mentions the nominal voltage at 2.3V some other datasheets say 2.4V. I wonder what is the nominal voltage of the 5-cell pack: 11.5V or 12V?

Answer: both versions of the information are correct. The reason is that the disc

23.Aug 2022
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More current in wires permitted in US than in Europe

Comparingthe permissible current rating for copper wires, it is evident that the US standard – known as the AWG - American Wire Gauge (or Sizes) – allows for higher currents than the European standards, expressed by the German VDA norm.

For example, a50 mm2 cablecan carry some 

29.Sep 2021
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What is GWL team doing? Working and designing!

The GWL Team is able to make a solution for any type of energy storage. The copy of the drawing shows details of a project processed by GWL. Large energy storage cabinets with up to130 kWh battery packs and 50 kW – 400V 3 Phase input/output.

The DC/AC part is based on theVictron

15.Sep 2021
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The LFP 40AH cell hammered to death

The photos are showing the read-to-go steps ofthe abuse by the axe-hammer in the hands of the fire-fighter.

The cell had to be hit several times to produce any significant effect. As seen from the reading of the IR camera, the temperature ofthe hot area has reached some 108°C.&

06.Apr 2021
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The field test demonstration of lithium cell abuse

In the spring of 2019, the GWL/Team has organizedthe lithium cells abuse demonstrationto verify the performance in real conditions. There were following goals of these tests:

  • Make the real field test demonstrations of the over-charge, short-circuit and fire abuse of the various cells: li-
06.Apr 2021
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Can a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery burn?

The answer is simple: yes, but it is not easy.The LFP lithium battery is made of materials that are flammable and it will burn, if overheated.

The photos showthe process of fire on a prismatic lithium battery. The battery was fully charged and then set to fire by a flame-thrower. As you can

06.Apr 2021
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New Elerix products - Heady duty testing

GWL has been working on the introduction of the new range of the high power LFP cells under the ELERIX brand. Part of the testing isthe verification of the thermal performance for the cells.

This photo set shows the results of the high current over charge testing.The cells is discharged with 210Amp cu

23.Mar 2021
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