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GWLG/Team is testing — thermal release from the terminals

The copper bars server as heat conductors. The purpose of the test is to see how the cell will increase the temperature when there is a source of heat applied.

This also serves to test the function of the BMS, to detect and react to the terminal overheating.

BMS 123 is used for these tests.


31.Jul 2023
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BMS Easy Balancing Board

GWL Team is working on a design ofthe balancing boardthat will be used for 4 cells and will allow balancing up to 10 Amp.

Check the photos from the testing of the first prototype.

More details to follow, when the product will be verified and made available.

21.Jul 2023
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A New Year’s Greeting with a Thermal Runaway

Have you ever burnt the dish on the stove?GWL Team has just begun the New Year with a similar experiencecaused by an improper cell operation.

As a result of a human operator failure and as a result of an improper setting of the charging machine,GWL team has just experience a thermal runaway for a 10

10.Jan 2023
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FAQ: Operation of the LFP cells at high temperatures above...

Question: I saw that some LFP cells allow the operation up to 65°C or even more. Do you have any suggestions for a high temperature operation?

Answer:The GWL team stronglydiscourage the continued use of the LFP cells in temperatures above +50°C.

Even though some datasheets ma

10.Jan 2023
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Is PLUS red?   Not always

What color is the plus pole? , the PLUS pole is marked by RED color and the MINUS by the BLUE color.

However, in Asia, sometimes there is a reversed color coding, wherePLUS is marked by the black colorandMINUS by the red color.

Keep t

02.Jan 2023
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Getting the dimensions of the cells – 3D PDF helps you!

FAQ: I need to get the exact measurements of the cell to design our own battery box. Please send be the drawing.


1) Yes, of cause, the best idea isto get the samples of the cellsto make a small demonstration installation and design the size of your solution based on the real prod

02.Jan 2023
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TEST REPORT: Low Temperature Performance of the LTO Cells

Check the Test Report for the ELERIX EX-T30K LTO cells that shows the performance of the cells at +25°C and also and -25°C.

This test confirms the excellent energy storage capacity for the LTO cells even in the low temperature conditions.

The results show that even under -25°C the LTO cell pro

11.Oct 2022
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FAQ:  Testing cells or packs at a customer location

Question:I have a battery pack installed in my EV (in my boat, in my RV, in my house, etc.) I wish to check the condition of this pack to see the real capacity of the cells. Can GWL offer any solution for me? (Perhaps you can come to me for the weekend and make the test. Or you can send m

15.Sep 2022
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FAQ: The performance of the lead-acid cells in cold and...

The winter of 2022-2023 is coming in just a few months and many customers wonder aboutthe performance of their battery packs. Especially those who have been using the lead-acid batteries.

The performance of the lead-acid batteries drops significantly in sub-zero temperatures.The above diagr

23.Aug 2022
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FAQ: Voltage level for the LTO cells

Question:Concerning the LTO cells, I can see that some information mentions the nominal voltage at 2.3V some other datasheets say 2.4V. I wonder what is the nominal voltage of the 5-cell pack: 11.5V or 12V?

Answer: both versions of the information are correct. The reason is that the disc

23.Aug 2022
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