AMVOLT 10 kWh LV Energy Box

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AMVOLT 10 kWh LV Energy Box

Scalable compact Energy Box from the Czech Republic.

AMVOLT's technical philosophy is to build open storage systems in the Czech Republic from individual battery cells and interchangeable standardized components. This significantly extends the life of the entire storage system compared to the now widespread closed, non-repairable battery boxes and drawers.

The AMVOLT LV Energy Boxes are intentionally designed to allow the customer to have the option of any future expansion, modification or service without depending on the AMVOLT itself.

AMVOLT LV Energy Box is designed for 32 pieces of ELERIX EX-L100 LiFePO4 cells with an operating voltage of 51.2 V. Battery cells are manufactured according to EN IEC 62619 and have been tested in accordance with this standard (tested by TÜV Rheinland).

Competitive comparison


AMVOLT 10 LV boxess are freely scalable (in increments of 10 kWh) and offer customers a complete solution in a compact, modular, industrial form for indoor placement or as part of a container variant. All components except cells (i.e. contactors, relays, BMS, protection circuits...) are made in the EU and USA.

BMS and communication

AMVOLT LV Boxes have an integrated BMS of their own design manufactured in the Czech Republic.

It is deliberately not connected to any foreign cloud (for security reasons), but at the same time it allows remote control and monitoring by direct access through a firewall which the customer has under his complete control.

The current is measured by the shunt. The BMS provides the calculation of the SoC, SoH and internal resistance values of each cell..


Inside view - AMVOLT 10 and 14 kWh LV Energy Box

Basic parameters


Supported inverters:

  • Victron
  • SMA
  • Solax
  • Solis
  • Pylontech
  • Deye
  • Growatt
  • Solis
  • Sunsynk
  • And many more in the future.

  • Warranty Terms

  • Warranty of 10 years on the mechanical design and 10 years / 8,000 charge cycles (whichever comes first) on the battery cells

  • 5 years warranty on the battery's protective electrical circuitry (BMS)

  • Lifetime warranty for technical support, service and extension

  • Warranty conditions of AMVOLT LV Boxes


    Package contents

  • Complete AMVOLT LV Energy Box
  • Initialized and balanced battery cells
  • Output terminals for inverter connection

  • CAN communication cable for inverters terminated with RJ45 connector
  • Documentation and user manual

  • Output quality certificate

  • If you have a question or interest in AMVOLT LV Boxes, do not hesitate to contact us

    Weight (kg) 125
    Height (mm) 285
    Width (mm) 426
    Depth (mm) 893
    Nominal Voltage (V) 51.2
    Capacity (Ah) 3200
    Max discharge current (A) 150
    Max charging current (A) 100
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