CALB SE cells - User Experiences Show Real Performance

The main question about the battery is: What will be the real performance of my battery pack after 5, 10, 15,... years?

Many new suppliers are talking about the best of the best, about their new products with absolutely new technologies and about improved performance. It should be all right but you will never be sure. Only after the real lifetime with many years of proven usage.

At least but not last, every new technology should have effect on the safety of the application. Whatever other parameters are promoted, the safety is the most important. For GWL the safety is the key reason for promoting the applications of the LiFePO4 cells.

The CALB SE cells are on the market for many years. GWL customers keep using these quality cells in their projects since 2010. We are coming to more than 5 years of real experiences with thousands of CALB SE cells in hundreds of applications.


It is the time when we can say YES for the CALB SE cells because of well-proven user experiences.

Please see some of them:

1. Rebuild of Honda Civic -

2. Gizmo Nevco -

3. EVDrive - Building of battery pack from 70 pcs of CALB SE180AHA

4. EVDrive Instalation of the battery pack in the car

5. A lot of additional information at GWL/Power technological blog



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