GWL is a leading distributor of a LiFePO4 battery cells and photo-voltaic power-plants of all sizes and naturally, main partner of The Czech Sustainable Houses.

The mission of The Czech Sustainable Houses is to accelerate the advent of at least partly energy self-suffi cient buildings and other cleaner technologies into mainstream use. Project was founded as an architect competition for students in 2016 awarded not only by UN and EU for its social benefit.
First prototypes will stand in the year 2019!


In the words of the founder Mr. Pavel Podruh:
“As a byproduct of all the activities, we have also started to develop own unique household battery storage along with a novel business model to support its existence. Moreover, a deep dynamic and replicable system for self-sustainable buildings is being developed.
Both these endeavors are explored in tight cooperation with GWL. The aim is to trigger public demand for energy future based on renewables and help to make thee transition.”

“Soon after we have launched The Czech Sustainable Houses back in 2016, we have realized we have to create our own team merging all the decentralized competencies in technically complex energy self-suffi cient houses, so the buildings act more like organisms than passive statues. This is why we have created unique and wide network of international partners, which cooperate on our projects and make The Czech Sustainable Houses an organism by itself.”
“Currently, our most exciting work are two showcase, fully automated off the grid houses. The technical project is complete, tested and ready to be installed. Building permits are on the way, we are starting soon.”

“The expert team is ready for external requests. It is headed by Michal Klečka, the co-owner of GWL, the largest European distributor of lithium-phosphate battery cells and solar components. The team’s task is to create buildings that can reliably produce, store and use electricity, while being in harmony with all the other technologies in a given project.”

“Each off-grid house stands on a photo-voltaic power-plant with a good battery...., a LiFePO4 battery best.”

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“Every year, The Czech Sustainable Houses announces statewide university competition for hundreds of young architects and technicians focused on innovative decentralized and cleaner housing visions. The competition is intentionally very hard, so only the strongest ones make it through. The best students get the chance to actually work alongside a team of leading professionals, creating a unique know-how hub. All the student works and visions are freely spread.”

Explore the main electronic part of the Czech Sustainable House. Over the 20 kWh battery pack builds from Winston LiFeYPo4 cells ensures enough electricity for a normal life.

The battery pack is protected by GWL Cell Performance Monitor and provides full protection against unexpected situations.

Used products:

Winston Battery 400Ah
GWL Cell Performance Monitor
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Victron Energy products

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The contact person for more information is Jaroslav Malik.
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