Battery for Caravans and RV - guide

Using LiFePO4 battery and Solar in Caravans and RV - brochure by GWL

Choosing the type of power connection for Caravans and RV

If you are counting on being connected to shore power, the wiring will mainly run through AC 230V sockets. Alternative could be a generator or a battery with DC/AC inverter.

Caravan and RV, choosing the Power type, AC or DC

Choosing the complexity of final system of Caravan

How complex do you want the battery and Solar system in Caravan

A simple system, which you can learn to operate and maintain will be significantly easier to run and easy to fix. Complex all-in-one systems by various providers may turn your Caravan into a "Smart home", but comes with a limited option to fix or troubleshoot, you will be reliant on the authorized services.

Choosing battery for your Caravan or RV

You should not consider a start-up battery in serious installation as it lacks suitable capacity and efficiency. Therefore, the choice of LiFePO4 dashboard battery is a good option. For extreme applications, you may go with LTO.

What battery to choose for your Caravan or RV

Example of Solar panels on the Caravan

What Solar panels and where to place them on your Caravan or RV

Solar panels installed horizontally on the roof do not reach 100% of performance but have a long and flat production rate during the summer. While placement on the slanted part of RV may sometimes bring 100% of power, but with unpredictable results due to changes of direction of your Caravan, shading, and other side effects.

Looking to buy new battery or Solar equipment for your caravan? Let us know your questions.

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