MEANWELL Battery Charger LFP 120W - 24V/4A (Max 28.8V)

Manufacturer: MEANWELL
Art.#: MW-NPB-120-24TB
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Shipping weight: 1.69 kg
Compact size with wide output range charger 21V-30.4V, 120W

Product description

NPB-120 series is a 120W charger for compatible with lead acid (Flooded, Gel, AGM) and li-ion (lithium iron, lithium manganese) batteries. This product is a class I power unit (with FG), equipped with a standard IEC320-C14 AC inlet and 2 or 3-stage charging control. The entire series supplies different models with output voltages ranging between 10.5VCD - 60.8VCD that can satisfy the demands for various types of battery devices.

FAQ When the cell voltage (3.65 V) is reached, the charger must be manually disconnected from the terminals. Disconnecting the charger from the mains only will cause the cell to discharge it.

Product features

  • Wide adjustable, output range by VR (21V-30.4V),
  • 2/3 stage selectable by DIP S.W
  • Charging current adjustable (50-100% rated current)
  • Protection: Reverse Polarity / Short circuit / Over voltage / Over temperature
  • Wide operating temperature -30 °C - +70 °C
  • Built-in Funless design
  • Front panel LED indicator for charging status
  • Comply with 62368-1 + 60335-1/-2-29 dual certification

  • Technical specification

  • Float charge voltage (Vfloat): 27.6V
  • Boost charge voltage (Vboost): 28.8V
  • Output current: 4A
  • Recommended battery capacity: 15 ~ 50Ah

  • PowerAssist

    Block diagram

    Block diagram

    Charging curve

    FAQ Manual about detailed product description, operation, installation and technical specification can be found here.

    Weight (kg) 1.3
    Height (mm) 49
    Width (mm) 96
    Depth (mm) 180
    Nominal Voltage (V) 27.6
    Max. voltage (V) 28.8
    Charging current (A) 4
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    icon MEANWELL Battery Charger LFP 120W - 24V/4A (Max 28.8V) Compact size with wide output range charger 21V-30.4V, 120W 64.90$
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