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April 2016, our company was approached by two young people with a common vision. With a vision of off-grid building that will be friendly to the environment and will also conform to current standard of living. Thanks to Pavel Podruh philosophy and commitment the project Czech Off-grid House originated.

Our company focuses on projects that work in harmony with the environment since the establishment of company, so we joined Czech Off-grid House team. We are proud that our company provides solutions to energy self-sufficiency of the building and is part of a project which wants to use renewable energy sources for the future.

The Global Goals For Sustainable Development
May 2017, the project has achieved incredible success. The Czech off-grid house, in the huge competition of almost 250 subjects, was selected by a jury among the 7 finalists of the National Sustainability and Social Responsibility Award. 27. 5. 2017 a ceremonial announcement took place in the Prague's Czernin Palace, where the first SDGs were awarded. The project succeeded in the private sector category and won a prestigious UN award.

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