GWL Wallbox with straight 5m cable, Type2, 3x16A, 11kW

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The Wall Box 3x16A with straight 5 m cable and T2 plug, 11kW

Product description

The WallBox is designed for fixed installation in the place of regular charging of your car such as the garage. It is designed to be connected directly to the power supply, ideally with its own fuse. Also suitable for installation in place of the original three-phase socket. It allows charging up to 3x16A, but it can also be limited to 6/10/13A - depending on the size of the circuit breaker. The WallBox cooperates with the photovoltaic system and charges with the currently available surplus energy. The EV charger consists of the main body and straight cable ended with T2 plug.
The product is certified according to the inspection report: TUV.12.313.707.
Compatible in the TN-S electrical network (e.g. Czech Republic) and in the IT electrical network (e.g. Norway).
Possibility of drawing subsidy with purchased WiFi set.



Equipment and features

3v1 electricity meter which provides information about:
- the current power drawn from the grid in kW
- total energy consumed in kWh.
- a second kWh meter that can be reset - for example, the energy consumed per charge, per month, etc...
Simple installation and setting - just plug the cable into the wallbox and E.V. and start the charging. No application is required.

Clamp for control from HDO + three-position key switch

Using the supplied key, you can set the individual charging mode as follows:

- charging off
- charging permanently on
- charging on during NT (night current)



Slot for wireless dynamic limiting card

The optional accessories is available as wireless set for dynamic limiting based on the current total consumption in the building. The charging current is reduced when necessary (switching on another appliance) to avoid tripping the main circuit breaker. Thus, the maximum available power is available for charging at any given time.
The accessories is sold separately as optional to this wall box. It consists of a RX and TX module card with 3 measuring transformers. More about acccessories, description, installation and setting up can be found in enclosed manual.


Technical data

  • Cable length: 5m (standard)
  • Cable diameter: 15mm
  • Current protector: Type A-EV - 30mA AC, 6mA DC - with auto reset function
  • Dimensions: h35 x w13 x d11 cm
  • Degree of protection: Box with secured window - IP65, connector plugged into the car - IP44
  • Colour: black

  • Package contents

    1 unit WallBox 11kW with straight cable and charging plug Type2

    FAQ NOTE: The package DOES NOT content any fixing material. Please, buy it according to the type of construction material on which being fixed the Wallbox.

    FAQ Datasheet and Manual about detailed product description, operation, installation and technical specification can be found here.

    Operational temperature (°C) -40°C to + 50°C
    Dimension (mm) 350 x 130 x 110
    Weight (kg) 6
    Input voltage (V) 3 x 230
    IP code 65
    icon GWL Wallbox with straight 5m cable, Type2, 3x16A, 11kW The Wall Box 3x16A with straight 5 m cable and T2 plug, 11kW 473.00$
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