Dear customer,

Although you may contact us with any question related to personal data protection in accordance with the principles of processing and protecting personal data, general answers to frequently asked questions are provided for simplification in this document.

1. What personal data are we currently collecting and storing?

The personal data we store comes from the business relationship we have with the customer. So we primarily store information that has been provided to us by a customer in the context of an order for goods or services and which are necessary for its execution and the fulfillment of legal obligations: it may include identification and contact details such as name and surname, academic title, business name, company ID, VAT number, permanent residence/registered office/place of business, delivery address, contact email address and telephone number. With the consent of the customer, we process a contact e-mail address for marketing and business purposes in order to create an suitable offer of products and services and in relation to the future addressing of customers.

2. Does our company track or otherwise monitor the collected personal data? For example, to gain demographic information on customers?

Yes – we track cookie data and Google analytics to assess sales capabilities through the website. These analyzes are part of the internal rules governing the handling of personal data and methods of use are described in the company rules. The processing of cookie data can be avoided by setting up your website browser.

3. From what sources are the personal data collected?

We receive personal data from customers from their orders for goods or services. We also collect some personal data through cookies, which can be avoided with the settings of your web browser.

4. How are the personal data used?

Personal data are primarily used for executing orders and legal obligations, for example in the area of taxes. In case of need, they can also be used to manage customer disputes.

5. Does our company use personal data for purposes other than those for which they are originally gathered?

No, our company uses personal data only for its original purpose, in accordance with our Terms and Conditions and Principles of Processing and Protecting Personal Data.

6. Where does our company store the personal data?

The personal data is stored on corporate servers, encrypted computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. In addition they are in the internal i6 company database, in data backups and in paper form on the secure premises of the company.

7. In which geographical locations are the personal data stored in our company?

The personal data is stored and accessible from the Czech Republic

8. In what format are the personal data stored in our company?

Emails, discs, papers.

9. Does our company have a system of archiving that involves the management of personal data?

Yes – regular archiving is part of the internal rules for processing personal data.

10. How long are the personal data stored?

The personal data are maintained by us for the duration of the contract, for the period required by law, for the period of time necessary to protect our legitimate interests. The specific time in each case is defined in Article 5 of the Principles of the Processing and Protection of Personal Data, which we manage.

11. How does our company release personal data for which there is no longer any reason for further retention?

Data in electronic form – securely deleted or overwritten. Paper – safely shredded.

12. Who has access to our processed personal data?

Access to personal data is determined by the employee’s position and access rights. Each employee has access only to the personal data they need to perform their activities.

13. Do we share personal information with other partners or third-party entities

No – we never share or sell personal data to other entities.

14. To whom can we pass on personal data when meeting contractual obligations?

In meeting our obligations and contractual obligations, we also use the expert and specialized services of other entities. If these suppliers process the personal data we pass on to them, they have the status of personal data processors and process personal data only as part of our instructions and may not use them otherwise. These processors include, in particular, freight forwarders, payment gateway providers, experts, lawyers, auditors, IT system administrators, internet advertising providers, or sales representatives. We carefully select each such entity and with each conclude a contract on personal data protection, in which the processor has strict obligations to protect and secure personal data.

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