Special Pomotion: 10x GridFree: Kit panel 260Wp + Microinverter 230V/250W

Special Wholesale kit for solar installers

GridFree: Kit panel 260Wp + Microinverter 230V/250W

GF promo

10 pcs solar panels GWL/Sunny 260Wp Poly
10 micro inverters GF-MAC250A - Grid-tied DC/AC 250W, 230V CE, MAC250

Special price EUR 2190 (EUR219 for 1 set)
+ special discount for shipping by TNT

gf promo
Simple calculation:
2578€ - 2190€ = 338€*

You may save using this promotion about 338€*.

* Discount depends on actual exchange rate.

Special limited promotion. Solar panel 260Wp and microinverter 230V/250W. Very efficient and easy way how to connect your own power production system with normal network connectivity. The best way to reduce electricity cost. Slow down your energy meter!

The kit includes


10x GWL/Power Solar panel GWL/Sunny 260Wp Poly


10x GWL/Power Solar Micro Inverter Grid-tied DC/AC 230V, 250W, MAC250

Learn more:

Revolutionary solution for Solar systems installation

MicroInverter – complete power station in miniature design. Simple installation with minimal maintenance. Full modular system.

Slow down*) your meter legally – it is so easy!

Take chance of this special promotion

This kit is available for solar installers. Please fill in the contact form bellow to follow and to receive the quote. (This promotion is limited for first 50 orders.)

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