GWL/GreenEye technology - the New Dimension of the Battery World

GWL/GreenEye technology - the New Dimension of the Battery World

Do you have a smart phone? Do you have a pocket device with iOS or Android? Open your eyes to see the new dimension of the battery world with the GWL/GreenEye technology!


With the GreenEye technology you can see inside your battery. The battery or even a complete battery system is no longer a black box. You can simply see what is happening inside the battery pack at each cell.

The GreenEye technology brings you following advantages:

  • Use your smart phone/xPad/tablet to monitor the battery
  • The status and the condition of the battery are visible to your eyes
  • See the voltage levels, charge status and other technical reports
  • Everybody becomes a battery professional
  • No need to pay for specialized battery analysis
  • Easy-simple-fast!

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GWL/GreenEye logo variants - freely available to be used with no fees!

See examples of the GWL/GreenEye technology applications and supported products

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BM123 Smart support the GWL/GreenEye technology

Now with the GreenEye technology your eyes are fully opened to the battery technology.

Smart Battery with GWL/GreenEye technology

The GreenEye Technology is open for anyone. No hiden fees and payments for the licensing logos on your promotional material. No black-mailing by the „Special Interest Groups“. Brush the rotten blue tooth away and see the world through the GWL/GreenEye Technology!

Are you interested in the GWL/GreenEye technology? Just contact us for more details on the GreenEye products.

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