DIN rail 35x 7.5 perforated, hole 5.2mm (lenght 0,5m)

GWL/Power BCC holder
Manufacturer: GWL/Power
Art.#: GWL/M-DIN-Rail-05
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Shipping weight: 0.21 kg
Metal profile rail for attaching electrical equipment. The rail is mounted on a housing, terminal block, panel, or similar device.

Technical specification:

Execution: DIN rail 35 / 7.5 mm
Material: Steel
Surface design: Galvanized
Punching shape: Long groove
Center distance of drilled holes: 36 mm
Thickness of the material: 1 mm
Length: 0,5 m
Height: 35 mm
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icon DIN rail 35x 7.5 perforated, hole 5.2mm (lenght 0,5m) 1.19$
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