Information about the payments and the taxes

  1. How can I pay for the goods?

    Choose for yourself the most convenient payment method:
    1. Bank transfer to an account – payment in advance – Make a payment order at your bank and your bank will transfer the money from your account to our account. We usually receive the money within two to four working days after payment. We usually dispatch the paid goods the same day that we receive payment. Information about payment methods - Bank accounts

      Important - the bank charges: Pay attention to the bank charges: the outgoing international payments need to be made with the OUR type of transaction, so that money is not taken from the payment. We kindly ask you to arrange for the payment by having the money transfer charges deducted separately from your account and not from the payment you send. In the opposite case the deposit for the goods will not be fully paid and this will delay the dispatch of the delivery as additional payment will have to be made to settle the difference.
    2. Credit card – the quickest form of payment – We will send you a link to the payment gateway where you will enter the information about your payment card. The bank will check that the money is available on your card and will deduct it from your card/account. We dispatch paid goods every day at 2:00 p.m. and if payment arrives after 2:00 p.m. the goods will be dispatched the next working day.
    3. PayPal - The safest method – If you choose to pay via PayPal, money request will be send to your email address. 4% fee is charged for this method of payment. PayPal is available for smaller orders below 450 USD.

  2. Will I pay further charges such as tax for the goods?

    • If the destination address is in the European Union and you have a valid VAT ID, we will send the goods without further charges, and you need to pay the taxes under the laws in the destination country.
    • If the destination address is in the European Union and you do not have a valid VAT ID, then we need to add percentage value of VAT (Value Added Tax) to your order. Value of VAT will be equal to VAT applicable in the destination country.

      Learn more about the Value Added Tax – goods trading in the EU.
    • If the destination address is outside the EU, we send the goods without any further charges, and you need to pay tax or duty under the laws in your country.
    • If the destination address is outside the EU and you want to use your own transport, it is possible to arrange a deposit on returns of 21% of the order’s value. We will refund this deposit to you once the goods leave EU territory. We need to support this fact by an export document validated by the customs authority once the goods leave the EU. You will find more information here.
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