Kofi Kofi Trucks

Company KOFI-KOFI s. r. o.
is from Czech republic and it´s our customer from year 2011.
They using our batteries LiFePO4 for mobile coffee shops called ,,KOFI-KOFI Trucks“. Nowadays they are already operating with a twenty-four of these Trucks assebled with our long lifetime batteries. We are happy for that we have been participating on this original idea and drove it success.

LiFePO4 Winston cells 300Ah 3.2V

High power lithium cell, original Winston Battery product with LiFePO4 (LiFeYPO4) technology. Capacity: 300Ah, size: 306x362x56 mm, weight: 10 kg. Model: WB-LYP300AHA

Recommended initial and subsequent charging is to 3.65 V.
The minimum voltage is 2.5 V.
Maximum discharge current is 3C continously.
Operating temperature -45°C up to 85°C (discharging)
Energy density is 90 Wh/kg

Complete datasheet
LiFePO4 300ah winston

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