WINSTON 24V, 2.4 kWh LiFeYPO4 Set With 100Ah Cells, BMS Mobile Monitoring

Manufacturer: ThunderSky Winston
Art.#: WB-24V100AH-SET
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Shipping weight: 33.80 kg Hazardous
LiFePO4 battery set designed for using in boats with 24V system but is is possible to use in other similar applications to store energy. Kit includes BMS with bluetooth communication and basic accessories.

Set contents

Winston cells in set BMS123 Set BMS123 Set Winston connectors Surge protection Black plastic caps

Technical specification of cells

Complete datasheet
Recommended initial and subsequent charging is to 3.65 V.
Nominal capacity of the cells is 100Ah
The minimum voltage is 2.5 V.
Maximum discharge current is 3C continously.
Operating temperature -45°C up to 85°C (discharging)

These battery cells are suitable for all traction applications including electric vehicles. Fully complies also for stationary applications - such as energy storage.
There is no Selfdischarging effect.
Can be recharged at any state of discharge - no memory effect
LiFePO4 is a very safe technology, not spontaneous combustion, does not react with moisture or with oxygen.
All cells are supplied new directly from the manufacturer.

User ManualPlease read USER MANUAL before use.
FAQDo you have technical question? Try BLOG.

Size of pack

8 cells, 24V
Total capacity 2.4 kWh / Depth 536 mm / Weight 26,4 kg

cell400sch1 cell400sch4cell Connectors diagram

LiFePO4 in various projects, in depth

LiFePO4 boat guide

LiFePO4 cells and batteries are very versatile. Can be used as starting battery, is ideal for Energy storage, back up battery or to power your boat or caravan.

For most frequent 12V use, in boats, caravans or campervans check our quick guide with connection diagrams showing how to upgrade battery or install new one.

Language versions:

ENG version of PDF   DE version of PDF   CZE version of PDF   FR version of PDF   IT version of PDF   SWE version of PDF   ES version of PDF   NL version of PDF

Why LiFePO4 over LeadAcid

Discharge test of SLA vs. LiFePO4 batteries

Winston LiFeYPO4 technology outperforms conventional AGM,SLA in several aspects.

They work longer (lifetime, cycle-life), our 10 years experience shown avarage lifespan of 5000 cycles (depending on the discharge rates, minimum 2000, maximum observed 8000).

More poweful, with available continious discharge rate at 3C (3 times its capacity), LiFeYPO4 provide more energy than AGM,SLA.

No acids, unlike AGM,SLA the LiFePO4 does not contain life threathening substances.

Non explosive, Li-Pol (Polymer) and other batteries frequently used in consumer electronic (Phones, Tablets) are extremely dangerous when physically damaged or misused. You can actually pierce LiFePO4 with metal and not cause fire or explosion. Shortcut it for long periods with the same (little to none) effect.

Initial, first time charging

Cells are precharged from manufacturer to conservation charge (usually 30-50%).
The cells have to be charged with low current before the first use.
The first charge should not exceed 0.5 C - eg for 400Ah cell is 200A.
FAQ: Initial charging information

For initial charging of multiple cells, connect them in parallel and the charger outputs should be connected to both ends of the parallel rows of cells, exactly as it is described here:
FAQ: The initial charging of the number of cells

We recommend to use chargers specially made for LiFePO4 cells First charge and initial balancing of the whole pack is important step towards long lifetime.

Alternatively you can use regulated (Laboratory) Power supply as initial charge tool. Short description how to proceed.

LiFePO4 chargers

Balancing and protection

Demonstration video of BMS123 Smart assembly

BMS123 connection diagram

BMS123 Smart connection demonstration including all important components.

Connecting the cells

Winston produce cells with easy to assemble square shape, terminals are made for screws allowing simple installation with spanner.

Interconnection between cells is important part of any battery pack. Original copper connectors are made of several thin layers for ideal flexibility and conductivity.
Make sure to clean oxidation from both, terminals and connectors (with Sandpaper or similar) before assembly. Oxided contacts may have very high resistance and cause unbalancing of the battery.

Plastic caps are cheap solution to prevent unwanted shortcuts and for easy plus and minus marking (red and black colors are available).

LiFePO4 Terminal connectors and plastic caps

Demonstration video of cell assembly


Weight (kg) 26.4
Height (mm) 218
Width (mm) 143
Depth (mm) 488
Nominal Voltage (V) 26.4
Capacity (Ah) 100
Max discharge current (A) 300
Optimal discharge current (A) 50
Max charging current (A) 300
Optimal charging current (A) 50
icon WINSTON 24V, 2.4 kWh LiFeYPO4 Set With 100Ah Cells, BMS Mobile Monitoring LiFePO4 battery set designed for using in boats with 24V system but is is... 1,468.01$
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