Terminal connectors for WB-LYP700AHA

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Art.#: LFP700-CON
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Flexible terminal connector for Winston cells LFP700AHA. Connector is composed of several thin layers, copper material. Including screws and washers.
A very important characteristic of the original connection terminal is its flexibility. Especially when used with battery cells arranged in mobile applications. A variety of material handling machines, electric vehicles. Important, if used, non-genuine Connectors, for example, from a single piece of sheet metal at case of vibration and shock risk of damage to the internal connection terminals of cell.

Note, Winston 700Ah cells have two terminal connectors on each potential. Using both terminals is required to match the cells current specification.
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Terminal connectors for WB-LYP700AHA Flexible terminal connector for Winston cells LFP700AHA. Connector is... 10.50$
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