Solar Grid-tied High Quality Micro-Inverters (AC microinverters)

The revolutionary solution for solar installations!

The MicroInverter – a complete power station in the smallest size. An easy installation, with no maintenance. A fully modular system.


The MicroInverter can be used for all grid-tied solar applications.

The MicroInverter is an effective and easy solution for an independent energy production using the existing connection to standard 230V AC grid. The ideal solution to reduce your electricity bills instantly.


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The MicroInverter can be used for following types of installation

1) The commercial energy production

Use solar panels with MicroInverters to make a solar power plan connected to the grid to sell the energy to your grid operator with the feed-in-tariff. The MicroInverter solution makes the installation of the solar power plans quite easy.

Microinverters can be used to make commercial solar power plant installations.

Multiple microinverters allow for a simple installation of the solar energy power plant.

2) Upgrade your solar power plant

With the aging of the solar panels and with aging of the central inverter there is an option to add additional panels to increase the production back to the maximal limit given in the feed-in-tariff contract.

Most solar installations produce only 85% of of the permitted maximal power. Some power is lost due to aging of the solar panels, some energy is loss due to the power degradation of the central inverter.

Our idea: add several new solar panels with Micro Inverters to increase your power back to 100% of the maximal power for your FIT tarrif.

Optionally it may be possible to install additional solar panels on east and/or west side to generate more energy in morning or afternoon times. The MicroInverters make it easy to add some additional solar panels without changing your present installation.

Get an additional solar power by adding extra solar panels with Micro-Inverters in EAST and WEST directions.

3) Net metering

The MicroInverters are ideal for the small installations under the Net metering tariffs. Thanks to the small size of the installation and the flexible design it is very easy to monitor and manage your solar installation to limit the over feeding back to the grid. This way you can simply produce what you need to get the most from the Net metering.

Net-metering installation: with permission from the Grid operator the surplus energy is sent back to the grid. Special dual meter will record the energy flows.

4) GridFree installation

Use the MicroInverters to produce some part of the energy independently without overflowing the energy back to the grid. With GridFree you consume all energy your produce. This way you reduce the consumption from the grid.

GridFree installation: all energy produced is selfconsumed. No energy is given back to the Grid.

How to start with the GridFree installation: The MicroInverters are designed for a direct connection with solar panels. The AC output can be connected to the electric grid anywhere in your place. For basic installation there is no need to install any additional equipment. All energy from the solar panels is directly taken to the grid for immediate consumption by your local electric equipment. To avoid overflowing back to the grid, your solar system should have a slightly lower power generation than the total consumption. This ensures that your energy produced is always consumed and not wasted back to the grid.

Be GridFree! The whole system is can be simply scalable (by connecting more MicroInverters together). The total energy produced can be controlled by a set of current relays. This way it is possible to step-up and step-down the amount of energy produced and thus prevent from unwanted/unused energy back-feeding to the grid.

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