Martin Cheníček is not only professional ahtlete and free-diving instruktor, he also rides trough The World with his upgraded pickup!

By his words:
"We are also in development of aircrafts under the domain FlyMetal.cz, so we know, how important is minimizing weight and how it affect vehicle consumption and driving abilities."

"Because of it, we choose 12V LiFePO4 90Ah battery" with Victron Energy Battery protect BP-100,
which will protect battery against overdischarge."

"Another important feature are two flexible solar panels 100Wp,
which sticks on the sloping surface in angle 25-30°and it is ideal angle to travel Europe."

"Rarely you have sun straight above your head, so it is good to park oriented on South."

"Whole system is almost self-caring and will stand over 10 years of regular using in minimum thanks to LiFe(Y)PO4 battery."

LiFePO4 12V 90Ah battery

Nominal voltage of the battery is 12 V
and the operational voltage is 11,5 V - 15 V.
Maximum charging voltage for initial charge is 15 V.
Recommended subsequent charging is to 14,6 V.
The minimum voltage is 11 V.
Maximum discharge current is 3C continously.
Operating temperature -25°C up to 80°C (discharging)

Complete datasheet

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