Pinguino Ice Resurfacer Converted to Electric


The Pegatech s.r.o. converted the Pinguino Ice Resurfacer to 100% clean and environmentally friendly machine. Using a 24 LFP cells in an 8.5kWh pack.

Original issue: The machine provided by the manufacturer uses a gasoline engine. When cleaning the ice inside the sports area, there is a strong smell of gasoline fuel and exhaust fumes.

Solution with the help of GWL: The conversion to 100% electric provides a solution that is 100% clean. There are no toxic gasoline exhaust fumes, the machine is smoothly and silently running. No need to store and manipulate with flammable gasoline inside the sports stadium. The risk of fire or explosion of the gasoline removed.

Additional advantage: The Pinguino Ice Resurfacer is charged at night and it is always ready during the day. No loosing of time to go to buy the fuel to be carried here and there in the plastic tank.

Additional benefit:The electricity at night is cheap so the operating costs are much lower than for the gasoline machine. Also, there is no need to pay for additional maintenance costs (no lubricants, no filters….) when using the electric traction. Electric traction is clean, silent, and with zero maintenance.


Technical specifications:

IFPE110 - Lithium Cell LiFePO4 (3.2V/110Ah)

Industrial lithium cell with high energy density, made on the safe LiFePO4 technology, from a certified manufacturer Chunlan.

Main advantages of the IFPE110
Supports high speed discharge (2C, 220A)
Provides high currents at peak discharge (2,5C, 275A)
High quality of production for long lifespan (over 2000 cycles at 80% DoD with 80% residual capacity)
Narrow tolerance of the specifications
Aluminium housing (case)

Complete datasheet

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