SUNMAN Solar panel Flexi 310Wp

Manufacturer: SUNMAN
Art.#: SNM-SMF310M-6x10UW
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Efficient, lightweight and flexible 310 Wp monocrystalline solar panel suitable for applications with continuous output of up to 310 W in full sunlight. Suitable for off-grid systems, lightweight portable systems, camping etc. Without frame.

SUNMAN - eArche

eArche is a super flexible and ultra-thin solar panel that can be stretched along any exterior. Its applications include but are not limited to buildings facades, automobile mobile roofs and mobile power station. The product is made with composite material and 70% lighter than conventional solar panels, making it far less costly to transport and install.

Main advantages


Ultra-light: Through replacement of the glass and optimization of the frame eArche weighs as 70% less than conventional PV panels.

Flexible: eArche combines a unique, patented material with other industry-leading technologies to produce superior flexible crystalline- silicon panel which can be installed on curved surface.

Aesthetics: Aesthetically pleasing design with patented materials and sophisticated manufacturing process results in a highefficiency, attractive panel, with no light pollution, PID-free operation and high levels of safety.

Easy Installation: eArche can reduce installation cost by up to 50% through the use of re-engineered components, ease of handling and faster installation.

Transportation: eArche’s innovative frame and low weight will very significantly reduce the cost of transportation.

Deployment: Ultra-light weight, flexibility and customizable size make eArche the best choice to change the way how solar is deployed in the market and bring added value to special applications.

Durability: eArche panels are certified to withstand maximum test load (2400 Pascal), while special materials and stringent quality control ensure panel longevity.

Video explanation

Benefits and reasons to use flexi panels

How do you benefit from using the flexible ultra-thin and ultra-light panels and what advantages it brings to you?
Find the answer in the video along with brief look on the technology of the future and compare advantages in comparison to standard photovoltanic panels.
Shortly, we bring you new installation methods on curved surfaces which brings you less installation and transport cost. Stay tuned!

CPM description

Bending test



Interesting reference


Australian National Maritime Museum

Location: Darling Harbour, NSW
System Capacity: 235 kWp

Australian National Maritime Museum (ANMM) strives to conserve the natural environment and protect the ocean. Driven by their desire to minimize their environmental impact, the ANMM began looking at solar in 2015, however, the roof of the building has penetration, 30-degree pitch and load-bearing issues meaning heavy conventional solar panels which require mounting that penetrate the roof could not be used.

Full reference here!

Byron Bay Solar Train

Location: Byron Bay, NSW
System Capacity: 6.4 kWp

The world’s first solar train has been launched in Byron Bay. The Byron Bay Railroad Company originally planned to run the train carriage on diesel engines but chose to put solar on the train for environmental reasons. The two-carriage heritage train was fitted out with 6,4kW of eArche solar panels and a large solar battery bank.

Full reference here!

Original product code: SMF310M-6X10UW

Weight (kg) 5
Connector MC4
Peak power (Wp) 310
MPP voltage (V) 33,3
MPP current (A) 9,31
Voltage without load (V) 40,5
Short-circuit current (A) 9,81
Efficiency of solar panel (%) 18,4
Height (mm) 1681
Width (mm) 1000
Depth (mm) 2
Number of cells 60
icon SUNMAN Solar panel Flexi 310Wp Efficient, lightweight and flexible 310 Wp monocrystalline solar panel... 253.29$
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