Solar energy storage 48 V / 9,2 kWh



The typical solar energy system includes solar panels, an inverter, equipment to mount the panels on your roof, and a performance monitoring system that tracks electricity production.
The solar panels collect energy from the sun and turn it into electricity, which is passed through the inverter and converted into a form that you can use to power your home.
The vast majority of residential solar energy systems are connected to the electricity grid (or “grid-tied”).
When your panels are producing more electricity than your home needs, the excess is fed back into the power grid. Conversely, when your home needs more electricity than your solar panels are producing, you can draw power from the electric grid.

In most cases, you receive a credit on your utility bill for the electricity you send back to the grid. Later, when you are using more electricity than your solar panels have generated, you can use those credits instead of having to pay more to your utility. This process is known as net metering. Solar batteries work by storing the energy produced by your solar panels and storing it for later use. In our case, solar batteries have their own inverter and offer integrated energy conversion directly to the home network.
The higher the battery capacity, the more solar energy it can store.

When you install a solar battery as part of your solar panel system, you can store excess solar energy in your home instead of sending it back to the global grid.
If your solar panels generate more electricity than you need, the excess energy goes to charge the battery. Later, when your solar panels do not produce electricity, you can draw on the energy that you previously stored in a battery for night use.

You only return power to your mains supply when your battery is fully charged, and you will only draw power from the mains when the battery is flat.

Delivered products:

LFP200AHA, GWL/Sunny-300PHC , VE-EASY-48/5k , Victron MPPT 150/100-tr , GWL/Modular CPM , CBM1 , POW4V20A3
+ accessories

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První rok s FVE a možnosti dotací Zelená úsporám - only for Czech Republic



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