The initial charge of batteries and cells

The initial charge of batteries and cells
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Individual pricing for large scale projects and wholesale demands is available.
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The initial charging is very important before the assembling the battery pack. It ensures that all cells are at the same SOC value, voltage, full of energy and ready to be used.

Initial battery cell charging (LiFePO4, LTO)

Service includes several steps of manual work:
- brushing and terminals cleaning by sandpaper
- charging and electricity cost
- necessary movement of the material

Initial charging needs additional time to order processing and our sales department will inform you about the duration.

Example for 4x 100Ah:
Charging current: 0,5C (50A for 100Ah cells)
Charging time: 1,5-2 hours
Estimate delay of shipment: 1 day
In case of high demand, the delay may increase.


Bellow 500Ah = 50USD
Order: 4x 100Ah 3.2V battery cells.
Total Ah value: 100Ah x 4 = 400Ah
Cost of initial charging: 400Ah = 50USD

Above 500Ah = 0.1USD/Ah, 0.09EUR/Ah, 2.25CZK/Ah
Order: 4x 400Ah 3.2V battery cells.
Total Ah value: 400Ah x 4 = 1600Ah
Cost of initial charging: 1600Ah x 0.1USD = 160USD

How to order:

A) If the total Ah value is under 500Ah, put the service into the shopping cart and finish the order.

B) If the total Ah value is over 500Ah, please use the contact form below.

Our sales deparment will prepare you the whole offer/order including price for initial charging.

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