Tax refund

If you decide to use your own method of transportation or to take away the goods in person, we will always add VAT to your order, as laid down by law. After the goods have left the territory of the EU, you can claim the VAT refund if you fulfil a few simple conditions.

  1. You (or company picking up your goods) have to download, print and pre-fill the official Refund of VAT form. If you need further assistance, contact us.

  2. After the goods have left the territory of the EU, you must ask the customs authorities for signing the form and the invoice received by you.

  3. Send us back the original of signed documents by mail. We will also need your bank account details for sending you back the refunded money (Beneficiary (name, address), Account name, Account number, SWIFT code and IBAN, Beneficiary's bank (name, address)). We will assist you with all necessary steps.
    Warning: If you used a credit card to pay for goods, no bank transfer for money refund is possible. Your refund will be performed as partial refund of the original payment to the original credit card.

  4. We will refund you the whole paid VAT against the returned documents, or you can leave this money in our company as a credit for future payments.

Official conditions for tax refunds to natural persons from the third countries at the export of goods
  • A foreign natural person not residing on the territory of the European Community whose residence in the third country is entered in their passport or in other identification certificate recognized as valid by the Czech Republic and not performing any economic activity in that country
  • Purchased goods have not the character of goods designed for trading
  • Purchased goods the price of which, including tax, is paid to one seller in one day and exceeds the amount of CZK 2.000,- (aprox. USD 100,- or EUR 70,-)
  • Purchased goods is exported no later than within 3 calendar months from the end of the month in which the goods were sold
  • The claim for money refund must be submitted only to the payer who sold the goods no later than within 6 months from the end of the month in which the goods were sold
The form of the Ministry of Finance will not be confirmed at export if:
  • it does not contain all requested data mentioned on it
  • the document of sale of goods containing all data stipulated by law, is not attached
  • the goods are not presented to the Customs authority
  • the amount of purchase does not exceed CZK 2.000,- (aprox. USD 100,- or EUR 70,-)

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