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The best LED technology on the market – the TESLA Crystal LED bulbs

TESLA CRYSTAL LED • E27 • 4W • 500lm • 2700K
TESLA CRYSTAL LED • E27 • 6.5W • 700lm • 2700K


TESLA CRYSTAL LED • E14 • 3,2W • 390lm • 2700K


TESLA CRYSTAL LED • GU10 • 4W • 350lm • 2700K


The TESLA lightning company brings to you the most advanced LED lights.

  • The Crystal LED technology – the LED chips are directly placed on a crystalline carrier plate. This patented technology reduces the electrical resistance and decreases the heat radiation.
  • The optimal cooling shapes designed using a computer simulation. The improved cooling increases the life span of the TESLA bulbs.
  • The coolest LED light on the market with estimated life expectancy of 40+ years.
  • The Crystal LED technology pioneers the first all directional LED lighting source. The light is emitted coherently in all directions – 360 degrees.


  • Limited number of electronic components increases the overall reliability of the TESLA bulbs.
  • The outer bulb cover made from a two component plastic with 90% light transparency. No ultra-violet (UV) spectrum radiation.


The Crystal LED delivers all the advantages of the LED technology

  • Extremely low power consumption – save money on electricity
  • High efficiently of the light source – more light with less power
  • Reduced heat dissipation – more light, less heat
  • No risky chemicals inside – no mercury, no cadmium, no lead, non toxic
  • Immediate light – fully bright right after power-on
  • Extremely long life span – 30x to 40x times that of the standard bulbs
  • Supports fast switching – not limited for turning on-off
  • Conforms to the latest safety and efficiency standards

Enjoy the full bright light with the TESLA Crystal LED lights.


The TESLA Company was founded in 1921 in the Czechoslovakia under the Electra name. Since 1946 the company was renamed as TESLA and started production classical incandescent bulbs. In 2012 the company invested into the LED business using the patented Crystal LED technology. The company has the TESLA Lightning registered as official trade mark.

TESLA LED lights - direct distribution by GWL/Power

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