The Pastvina Garden (Pasture Garden)

Pasture Garden

In 2020, we came across an interesting project for a community garden on our favorite crowdfunding server. The aim of the campaign was to collect money for a photovoltaic system. The garden is cut off from the electrical grid and chances of getting the utility company to run electricity to the area are basically zero since the property is a historical site. The owners were therefore dependent on a power generator, which is quite expensive, noisy and unecological.

The Pastvina Garden (Pasture Garden) adopts and cares for unwanted animals such as horses, hens, sheep, pigs, rabbits etc. They also organize excursions for schools, they've formed their own forest preschool, and offer animal adoption where you receive fresh eggs or a jar of honey as a reward.
We at GWL decided to support this project and help them out with a photovoltaic system installation.

As it so happens, we had spare 300Ah LiFeYPO4 cells available at the time. They had been running in an electric bus as part of public transportation in Prague for 6 years.

During the first stage of their life-cycle, the LiFeYPO4 cells helped transport hundreds of thousands of commuters every year in Prague.
In the next, they are ready to serve for many long yers in a stationary OFF-GRID photovoltaic installation, which does not have such high demands for traction performance

With our help, the Pastvina Garden adopted our used Thundersky Winston 300Ah LiFeYPO4 batteries with an actual capacity of 12.7kWh after spending 6 years in the bus.
We selected our GWL/Sunny 280Wp solar panels, the LiFeYPO4 cells, Victron multiplus, MPPT, BMV and Venus as the main features for the OFF-GRID PV system installation. We chose the GWL + the BCC communication module and CBM1 cell balancers as protection of the entire system.

The Pasture Garden YouTube video - interview and the technical description

Check calculation of Pastvina installation

VRM live data

Check the battery status

More informations about diagram

PDF Version EN

PDF Version CZ


Do you have a similar project underway? Let us know more details about your plans. GWL will be happy to support you.

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