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10 reasons why to shop at shop.gwl.eu

  1. Technical support
    Our four technicians with wide experience are ready to help you with your order or prepare a suitable solution for your projects. Do not hesitate to contact us here.

  2. We ship immediately
    We ship the goods on the same day we receive your payment. Depending on your location, most of your orders will be delivered within 3 days of receipt of your payment. We hold an extensive inventory of goods for you in our 3,800-m2 warehouse, strategically located in Prague, Czech Republic – so you do not have the storage costs. We give your projects flexibility and the comfort of the immediate availability of components. Please see more information here.

  3. Quick and Cheap transportation
    With our partner company TNT we arrange safe and affordable transport for you. We can also arrange ADR transportation for your order if it includes cells and batteries. You can find more information about the special ADR system here. You will receive your order within 3 days in most cases. Please see other information about transportation here

  4. Special delivery services
    We provide a special service of TNT shipping, which includes photo documentation of the consignment before shipping or free later delivery for goods not in stock. We offer this service free of charge for orders over 5,000 USD. Please see the details here

  5. Splendid references from customers
    We have a customer base of 1000+ European customers who regularly buy energy/power solutions and products and another 1000+ customers who enjoy the benefits of our support and product availability in their special projects. Please see the references here.

  6. Technologically innovative goods
    We constantly update our range by adding innovative products to give your projects cost effectiveness and lasting quality.

  7. Payment options
    You can choose between direct bank wire transfer, credit card or PayPal payment.

  8. Stable company with many years of experience
    We are in the “TOP100” rated companies in the Czech Republic with many years of experience. Since our establishment in 1994 we have achieved AAA ranking, indicating that we are one of the top 2% most stable companies in the Czech Republic.

  9. We keep you posted
    We continuously provide you with information on new products, interesting projects, tests of the products and important information about the EV at our GWL blog.

  10. Warranty extensions
    We trust our products and so we offer warranty extension for up to 5 years. We also offer selected products with warranty for up to 30 years.

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