GWL/Modular Battery Management System

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Art.#: EXM-BMS-Basic
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The BMS Basic module is a system platform for the management of lithium batteries

Product description

The basic function of this module is the protection of the battery in terms of the voltage of the individual cells and the overall current load. This functionality is covered by a basic set of selected electrical components on a DIN rail. The module can be extended with functions as required by the application and the customer through additional components. The system is equipped and delivered with 48V relays as a standard. If you want to operate the BMS Basic as 24V system, just swap 48V relays for 24V relays in the relay sockets and follow setting up the system according to the manual attached. This battery management system CAN NOT be operated with 12V relays !!!

Main functions and features

  • Protection of the battery from dangerous overcharge and discharge on the level of the individual cells
  • Protection (circuit breaker) of the basic power circuit and the control circuit from overload or short circuit
  • Automatic emergency disconnection of the battery and simple manual disconnection of the battery
  • Monitoring of up 16 battery cells and projecting their voltage states to the control outputs
  • Large-scale flexibility of the outputs for controlling various devices
  • Large-scale flexibility of placement in various applications thanks to assembly on a DIN rail
  • Simple service, replacement of components and extension of functions through additional modules

  • Potential uses

    The robust and universal nature as well as the availability of the components and technical support options predestine this module for various industrial applications and complex home installations.
  • Stationary energy storage
  • Machines, industrial electromobility, boats, recreational vehicles
  • For various LifePO4 and LTO batteries form 24 to 48V (a max. of 16 cells in a series))
  • Can be assembled by the customer with technical support provided by GWL
  • Module delivered assembled in a distribution board or integrated in an ELERIX BPF battery box

  • Description of the outputs and their usage

    Module Basic Cofiguration

    Some Examples of Connection

  • Extention of protected circuits
  • Communication and service balancing
  • Basic connection of the MPPT regulator and inverter
  • Connection with Victron Multiplus and MPPT VE Smartdsolar
  • Complet charger management (UPS systems)

  • Note:125A circuit braker in this product can be replaced by an AMETEK Magnetic Latching Contactor. The range offered is found here.

    To learn more about ELERIX BMS Basic, read our technical user manual attached.

    Examples of use you can find here.

    Power supply (V) 48
    Weight (kg) 1.7
    Lenght (mm) 170
    Height (mm) 23
    Width (mm) 100
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