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GWL a.s., a wholesale distributor of LiFePO4 battery cells, photovoltaic solutions and electric bikes. You may recognize the products by our brands GWL and EVBIKE. History begins back in 2003, by distribution of telecomunication hardware. Three years later, 2006, our testing of LiFePO starts and is ongoing still today. Clean, sustainable and renewable energy in any form or shape, vision of greener world, are driving force to bring new technologies for you.

First LiFePO4 cells brought to European market in 2008.

proud Since then over 31,3 mil Ah of batteries and 6,5 mil Wp of panels were provided to Europe.


uvozovka "The one whose main goal is the financial profit can never be successful."


Oftenly, the most important information to check about our products is compatibility with your project or installation. We are testing every product before the sale begin, therefore you will get all details and specifications. We participate on range of upcoming projects and provide design solutions across the Europe. Latest example is project Czech Sustainable Houses which is already awarded by UN. Since 2013 we organize professional seminars and training to help you with newest advances in battery and solar field.

dotazy Every week we help you with over 100 technical questions.

blog On our blog we share over 1800 technical tests, installation diagrams and more answers.

Daily updates on Facebook Twitter YouTube and LinkedIN.

Our free technicians are testing and developing batteries every day.


All the cells, components and devices that we supply to solution producers around the world, are mainly used for these applications: boats and buses powered by batteries; energy-independent camper vans; home photovoltaic power plants; public lighting systems; energy-independent access points; backup systems; power sources for cryptomining and many more - See references

kavarny GWL batteries you may meet in your city. Batteries are implemented in mobile coffee shops. (Around 20 shops in Prague already).

ekodoprava Ecological public transport vehicles are driven by batteries in protected landscape areas.

uloziste Batteries are also used as decentralized energy storage that are shared by residents of the area as a shared energy source.

vozik Manipulation carriages inside warehouses and even electric locomotives are powered by lithium batteries. The reasons to use lithium batteries instead of Lead Acid is lower weight and dimensions, nevertheless main reason is lifespan, power strength meaning the ability of high discharge currents.



Did you know that electric buses with batteries produce 30% of CO2 less than conventional buses? Beside that, the energy costs for their operation are about 40% lower.


We decided to place our logistic and office center in Prague, in Czech Republic. In Prague, we are close to all clients in Europe. We ship orders to the rest of the world from here also. Stable assortment of battery cells made by ThunderSky Winston, Sinopoly and CALB. The systems you design with these batteries you may extend by same battery cells for another 5, 10, 15… years. The fact that we can be your trusted business partner can be verified in the annual reports that we regularly publish.

We have shipped over 39 000 consignments last year.

sklad Our warehouse with an area of 3 800m2 ensures optimal product availability.


uvozovka Do you wonder where our fellow customer is from? Take a look at our world map reference.


Year 2017 - Batteries delivered to customers: 31 288 000 Ah
Year 2016 - Batteries delivered to customers: 26 420 000 Ah, annual report 2016
Year 2015 - Batteries delivered to customers: 20 905 000 Ah, annual report 2015
Year 2014 - Batteries delivered to customers: 15 038 000 Ah, annual report 2014
Year 2013 - Batteries delivered to customers: 8 999 000 Ah, annual report 2013
Year 2012 - Batteries delivered to customers: 4 777 000 Ah
Year 2011 - Batteries delivered to customers: 1 573 000 Ah
Year 2010 - Batteries delivered to customers: 349 000 Ah
Year 2009 - Batteries delivered to customers: 47 500 Ah
Year 2008 - Batteries delivered to customers: 840 Ah

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