Active Balancing Board 4-24 Cells LiFePO4 (1A)

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Art.#: GWL/M-CBM4S-24S
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Battery Pack Active Balancer for LiFePO4 and Li-ion battery 4-24 Cells

Product description

GWL/M-CBM4S-24S is the battery pack active balancer just balances your batteries, shovels energy from a cell with higher voltage to one with lower voltage. This balancer is determinated for LiFePO4 and Li-ion battery pack. Minimum balanced cells are 4 and maximum 24.

Programme of work

The transformer feedback is balanced and the balance current increases by about 1.2A for every 0.1V differencial voltage.

Explain in advance

Before welding the battery, we need to remove the terminal, connect the battery, and then insert it. The order is left to right.

If the order is reversed, it will burn down immediately !!!



Wiring connection

Downward compatibility is supported and the compatible string is at least

Extended connection

The first balance module and the second balance module are repeatedly connected with the battery from the head to the tail. If there are many repetition, the better is the effect of the whole group.

First use

  • Please connect each balance cable carefully, the wrong wiring will
    damage the balancer.
  • Do not disassemble the connector port always. Frequent plugging and
    of the connector may cause poor contact and affect the
    balance current.
  • It must be installed with the battery and fixed.
  • The green connector must be pulled out before wiring.
  • The connector can be plugged in after the balance cable connection is
    completed, and the charging is started for the first use to enhance the
    balance effect.

  • Basic features

  • Minimum of 4S
  • Applicable batteries: 3.7 V LiFePO4 battery pack and 3.2 V lithium battery
  • Balanced type: transformer active energy transfer
  • Balance efficiency: 96 %
  • Balance current: 10000 mA
  • Balance differential pressure: <10 mV
  • Trigger condition: adjacent differential pressure > 0.05 V
  • Balance cut-off: adjacent differential pressure < 0.03 V
  • Low voltage protection: < 3 V

  • Package contents

    1 unit Active Balancing Board 4-24 Cells LiFePO4 (1A)

    Application example

    Connection for 32 cells battery pack

    FAQ Datasheet and Manual about detailed product description, operation, installation and technical specification can be found here.

    Weight (kg) 0.4
    Lenght (mm) 114
    Height (mm) 23
    Width (mm) 92
    icon Active Balancing Board 4-24 Cells LiFePO4 (1A) Battery Pack Active Balancer for LiFePO4 and Li-ion battery 4-24 Cells 86.90$
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