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GWL for Sustainable Green Waste Water Cleaning (3)

GWL for Sustainable Green Waste Water Cleaning (3)

16.Sep 2021
| Blog - About GWL

Water cleaning powered by the sun. GWL Team has updated the installation of the Waste Water Cleaning station (COV) in the natural park in Sumava Mountains.

The installation had been enlarged by solar panels and grid-tried inverters that supply the power to the station when running, help to charge the batteries and provide an optional possibility to charge an electric bike at this remote location.

With 10 pcs of 300Wp panels, the nominal yield of the solar installation is 3kWp. Even in winter, when there are very bad weather conditions, the panels will yield some 10% of energy making some 200 to 300W of power supply.

If you need to design a similar project, be sure to get in touch with GWL to get a professional support.


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