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GWL/Modular Pack in an animated action

GWL/Modular Pack in an animated action

21.Sep 2020
| Blog - About GWL

This animated GIF shows how GWL/Modular pack can be assembled by any “local electrician” at any place of the world.

Modularity: The battery pack consists of large capacity cells that have robust and reliable design. VERSUS: The other solutions use hundreds of small round cells fixed together by spot or laser welding. There is no modularity in such type of solution.

Easy assembly and disassembly: the pack can be assembled at any location of the world. It can also be easily disassembled and serviced. VERSUS: the black box solutions for other vendors are locked against any servicing by local users, the pack cannot be maintained or repaired.

Complete life span: after many years (or even decades) of reliable service, the GWL/Modular pack can be disassembled and the cells can be removed to be used for some second-file battery project. VERSUS: with the laser-welded fixed battery packs, the whole thing will become a heap of non-functional electric waste. There is no way to dissemble it, reuse it or refurbish it. It will be only a waste product!

Say “No!” to battery black-boxes, make a decision to say “Yes!” to fully modular solutions.

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