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GWL/Support team - Behind the stage – The KEY IDEA

GWL/Support team - Behind the stage – The KEY IDEA

21.Jul 2020
| Blog - About GWL

See the roles of the actors in GWL project for the Czech Sustainable House (CSoD) and the GWL/Modular installation.  

(1)  The GWL Chief Ideologist (working mainly with his phone)

(2A) and (2B) The GWL/Team Members working hard with their hands and tools to realize the installation. Long live the generic labor force and skillful craftsmen!

(3) The CSoD Master Head who is just learning to become the Master Electrician of the whole project for the next 20 years. 

(4) The Master of the Victron technology and the Genius of the Blue Boxes.

(5) The “Local electrician” who will assist with the operation of “the whole thing” when the “Master Head (3)” will become really helpless.

The main idea of the whole project is that the GWL/Modular Technology Solution can be transferred into the hands of “any ordinary local electrician” (3)(5) who can operate, monitor and service this kind of “robust” installation at his place of daily living

Forget about expensive experts, forget about high-salary professionals, forget about money spent (=wasted) in expensive support. Any local electrician (5) with “just a screwdriver in hand” can assemble and operate the solution.

Learn about the GWL/Modular solution and share it in your neighborhood and every skilled electrician will be happy to help you to make this solution working and functional at any place of the world.  

This is the energy freedom from GWL. Do not rely on some “black-boxes”, rely on open and well documented solutions with modular components.

Go for GWL/Modular!

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