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Please help me – Overstock of Unused Old-like-new Batteries

Please help me – Overstock of Unused Old-like-new Batteries

20.Jul 2021
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From email:  Our company has some overstock of cells and batteries we purchased in the past. They are like new - they were in the warehouse for last 8 years - completely unused. We have about 3000 pieces. Can you come to our warehouse to check these? We will talk and make the best price for you. Please help me, because I need to solve this problem for my company and get some money back from those cells. I know GWL has many customers who may buy these cells for cheap.

The answer from GWL: Thank you for your offer. I am sorry GWL cannot help you. The experience from the second-hand market of the lithium batteries shows that even if these batteries from the old overstock were free of charge, there is no serious business value in these old cells. In order to bring these old cells to the market, it is necessary to inspect them, recharge them, test them to sort out the cells with various specifications, etc. etc. All of these steps need a lot of time, labor, material, efforts, energy (both human and also electric). In summary, all these efforts will increase the cost of the cells beyond the real value. The result of all of these efforts will be only and only old cells with no really warranty of the performance or the future life span.

That is why it is not worthy to make the business with second life cells. Please keep this in mind any time you hear people talking about the great visions for the second-hand market of the lithium cells.

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