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The CSoD Project - Real or fiction?

The CSoD Project - Real or fiction?

17.May 2021
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These photos are from GWL’s project of the Czech Sustainable house. This project goes on very well and the house is now fully equipped and operating.

The set of these photos shows various realities of the same thing. Which of these photos is true? Which of them is the reality? Reality of the past moment and the reality of presence?

The modern computer technology allows to create the augmented reality. The augmented or modified reality can change the imprint of the reality in our minds.

For example, our friend from the middle-east may ask: please remove the dog from the front of the photo – dogs are not welcome as venerated animals in some parts of the world. It is easy to make the dog disappear….

Also, boys and girls may disappear…. Perhaps they were not at the spot at all. Or somebody decided to remove them. Of perhaps they were never present and they were artificially added to the picture. Perhaps they do not exist at all.

These are the issues of the digital media and the fact that our mind will be influenced by the things seen in later time more by the reality seen at the very first time…

This was just a brief Sunday-morning mental exercise and you can rest sure that both GWL and CSoD project as real as they could be.

The original photo was taken in 10/2020, when the energy storage unit for the CSoD project was installed.  At that time, there were the anti-Covid-19 measures including the face masks and compulsory distancing – this is the real reason why the friends on the photo wear the masks and keep the space.

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