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The New Year with a Spoofing attack

The New Year with a Spoofing attack

20.Jan 2020
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Just after the New Year, our company has been under an attack from a fakespoofing email attempt. Some hacker sent a fake email pretending to be originating from one of the owners of the company, with a request to make a rush-in payment to a compromised bank-account. Our company has multiple security procedures to prevent such attempts, so this attempt failed.

However, this is a warning lesson for both us and also for our customers, to keep aware of these attempts, and avoid them byintroducing multiple verification procedures.

One of the verification procedures introduced from 2020 will be that we request that the change of the bank account information or other business information be alwaysverified by a real photo with the face of the representative of the company at the company premises. This way it is very hard to submit a compromised (fake) payment data.

Our suppliers will receive a detailed email with the exact steps about the bank account verification process.

Let us stay in touch and keep working hard to avoid any attacks by the dishonest hackers.

All the best in the new year!

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