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They are our heroes!

They are our heroes!

15.Feb 2021
| Blog - About GWL

You can find them in every part of the world. You can find them just close to you. If you need their help, they may to come to your house too.  Whom are we speaking about?

We are speaking about the ordinary heroes, the local or regional electricians. 

The regional electricians are the guys who know how to install, operate, fix and replace majority of the household equipment and devices. They are the excellent jacks-of-all-trades who will help you, if you come across a problem.

In the project of the Czech Sustainable House (CSOD), the GWL/Team has many smart people working on the project day by day. Of cause not only the master-chief of the project, but mainly and firstly the extremely smart, skillful and knowledge-absorbing local electrician. He is our hero too.


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