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Totally off-grid - fresh water pumping

Totally off-grid - fresh water pumping

15.Feb 2021
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This photo shows the very first part of the solar installation at the Czech Sustainable House (CSOD) project.

This is a completely off-grid installation of two solar panels (36 cells 160Wp), that run the water pump in the drilled well. The main purpose of this installation was to pump the water out from the newly drilled well, so that the water source is cleaned and washed out.

The installation works fully autonomously – when the sun is shining and providing the power, the water pump starts pumping. The brighter the sunshine, the more power for the pump and thus more ware is flowing.

Easy and simple: two solar panels and a DC powered solar water pump.

Note: in the real CSOD installation, there was a little bit more complex setup that used a MPPT regulator to charge a battery pack 12V/40AH and a DC/AC inverter to run a 230V AC powered version of the pump. One reason for this configuration was that the solar panels were partially hidden in the forest and they would need more time to produce the energy that would accumulate in the battery pack, for the pump to work at full power.  (The photo of the well drilling machine – not battery powered ????)

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