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What is wrong with my battery?

What is wrong with my battery?

31.Jan 2022
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Please help me! I need a warranty replacement of your cells. The cells are not working. Some cells have become very big (swollen) and my system does not charge any more.

Answer: The data from your BMS shows that your battery system does not work properly. You keep charging the cells and some cells are even high above 4.00V and some cells seem to be completely discharged to bellow 2.5V.

This is a completely dis-balanced battery pack. This situation is not a warranty case, but this shows the improper use of the cells. The clear user instructions for the cell usage were not observed.

Please observe the user manual and follow the proper usage instructions closely.

GWL Team cannot provide remote assistance to persons who do not have the primary knowledge of the operation of the battery systems. If you lack such knowledge, GWL Team strongly recommends that you look for a battery expert in your area and ask him for assistance.  

GWL Team will be happy to provide (a paid) assistance to knowledgeable professional who are capable of making working and stable solutions.


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