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FAQ: Will my LFP batteries last really that long?

FAQ: Will my LFP batteries last really that long?

29.Mar 2021
| Blog - Battery Monitoring

Even in 2021, there are customers who are just starting with the lithium battery technology. One of the most frequent questions is: “How long will my batteries last?”

Here, we have the answer from a real demonstration. The photo shows the test of the 12V battery pack by Winston Thundersky produced in 1/2009. Now entering the 13th year of a regular operation, this battery still provides 75AH (from original 80AH). Wow!

GWL Team wishes to all of our customer to have such long-time results from the daily usage and performance of their battery packs.

Yes, the lithium cells and batteries distributed by GWL come with a real-life expectancy of 20 years of regular service. And perhaps even more. Enjoy the power of the lithium technology.


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