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Q&A: BMS123 Auto replacement parts

Q&A: BMS123 Auto replacement parts

28.Feb 2019
| Blog - Battery Monitoring

Question: I have the old version of BMS123 Auto and I need a replacement board. Can you help me?

Answer: Yes! The solution is simple. The OUT and IN boards of the BMS123 Smart are backwards compatible with the previous version of BMS123 Auto.

For the OUT-board you can just use the BMS123smart cell board without modifications.

For the IN-board, you need to make a small hardware modification of the BMS123smart cell board. You just simply cut a piece of the PCB foil. Next to the (-) minus sign on the cell board, there are two golden dots. You need to cut the connection between these two dots. You can scratch the foil by means of a sharp knife or a screwdriver.

If you need any additional assistance with the BMS123 Smart or Auto, please let us know. The GWL/Power team is here for you.

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