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The CPM – with the Latching Relays

The CPM – with the Latching Relays

21.Apr 2022
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The CPM board is designed to provide a direct support of the high-power control by means of the latching relays.

Check the drawing and see the function of the individual components as a part of the GWL/Modular solution.

The CPM board is the central component for the protection of the battery. Here a 8-cell 24V battery pack is used.

Three 12V latching relays work as the protection disconnection components. They are powered from the 4th cell at the 12V level.

  • The U-min  relay will disconnect the load when the voltage of any cell gets too low.
  • The U-max relay is designed to disconnect the charging if any cell gets too high.
  • The U-emergency disconnects the load or the charging in the case the voltage gets beyond the operational limit (both for low and high voltage).

The main fuse is for the power circuit.

The auxiliary fuse is for the control circuit.

To connect the battery, you can use the Battery Link connection sets.

The Reset button (optional) will reset the function of the CPM after the disconnection status has occurred.

This diagram is the part of the free customer support for your projects, If you wish to know more, please get the paid support for the answers to additional project-related questions.

Enjoy the GWL/Modular solution!

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