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MEANWELL HEP-600C – DC Charger 12V/24V/48V 600W

MEANWELL HEP-600C – DC Charger 12V/24V/48V 600W

21.Apr 2022
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The MEANWELL HEP-600C is a high efficiency AC/DC charger with passive cooling. This means: fan-less and noiseless. There is no ventilator and air inlet/outlet. For improved cooling the charger should be mounted in a well-ventilated area. If mounted in a closed box, the air flow ventilation needs to be provided.


Model: MEANWELL HEP-600C-12
Nominal charge voltage: 14.4V
Nominal float voltage: 13.6V
Adjustable charge voltage range: 11.5 ~ 15.1V
Adjustable charging current: 17.5 ~ 35A

Model: MEANWELL HEP-600C-24
Nominal charge voltage: 28.8V
Nominal float voltage:27.2V
Adjustable charge voltage range: 23 ~ 30.2V
Adjustable charging current: 10.5 ~ 21A

Model: MEANWELL HEP-600C-48
Nominal charge voltage: 57.6V
Nominal float voltage: 54.4V
Adjustable charge voltage range: 46.1 ~ 60.5V
Adjustable charging current: 5.2 ~ 10.5A

Charger ON/OFF – Remote control (pins 1,2 - GND)
Auxiliary 5V/0.5A power supply – (pin 3, pins 2 - GND)
Output DC MINUS – pins 4,5
Output PLUS – pins 6,7

Check the HEP-600C models at GWL web page.

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